This game was made for the So-Bad-Its-Good Jam 2020 in about a week or so. You play as a character in another dimension which has twisted controls. WARNING: This game will make you rage so only play if you have a lot of patience. Your progress to other levels is also NOT SAVED

The game was made with Godot_mono

This was an open source project so here is its GitHub Link:

The controls for the game are mentioned in the game and I will also mention them here:  

A - Left

D - Right 

Spacebar - Jump

R - Reload the Current Level

Escape - Main Menu

You can also use the arrow keys to traverse in the game

The Music Assets I used were made by TallBeardStudios and can be found here:

I also used a text asset from:

Install instructions

1. Download the Game

2. Unzip the Files

3. Play the Game if you want to 

4. [Optional] Rate it or any feedback


Download 40 MB
Download 32 MB
Download 28 MB


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I was able to jump on the right and then the game didn't do anythin